«Politics forge borders,

education and science dismantles them»


    Institute for intellectual integrations in Vienna assisted in the establishment of cultural relations between the Austrian and Russian experts in the field of multicultural linguistic pre-school education in the cities of Vienna, Wels and Salzburg in terms of cultural exchange Visited by The Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "Education Center" Bala-City" -  Mr. Master Dinar Nasyrov and Mrs. Master Albina Nasyrova.

Purpose of the visit of Russian specialists was a review of cultural and educational paths in the kindergartens for bilingual children, as well as acquaintance with the content of the programs in postgraduate education of preschool teachers in the multicultural language integration of the MULTIKA kindergartens network (Multikultur-Linguistik-Integration-Kinderbetreuung-Ausbildung) in Vienna, therapeutic practices by the School of Education in the city of Salzburg and architectural sites of the Educational Complex Rudolf-Steiner-Kindergarten und Schule Salzburg, and the practice of children's events in the kindergartens in the city of Wels.

The result of the visit was the agreement on cooperation between Institute for intellectual integrations and The Autonomous Nonprofit organization "Education Center "Ball City" and the Public association «GLOBUS Verein für intellektuelle Integration». In accordance with the agreement in the future, Institute for intellectual integrations plans to hold a postgraduate education in the field of integration of education for preschool teachers from the Russian Federation.