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     ANDY WARHOL EXHIBITS                                             Sep 25, 2020 - May 30, 2021

     a glittering alternative                                           

     Exhibition artist, installation artist, or perhaps closeted curator? This exhibition presents rarely shown works that look behind the facade of the world-famous Pop Art icon to rediscover Warhol’s capabilities as a groundbreaking exhibition and installation artist. For the first time ever, viewers will be given an exemplary overview of the artist’s exhibition practice without letting his early and late works fall by the wayside.

     This cross-section places equal value on the myriad media Warhol used and shows that his modes of presentation should be understood as an essential part of his oeuvre. Two aspects of Warhol’s dual persona—the oft-quoted staged one and the hidden one barely noticed by the public—are juxtaposed on two levels of the mumok building.


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     A CITY FULL OF DESIGN                                                              Sep 24 - Oct 3, 2021
     It is Austrias largest and most prestigious design festival. During ten days a mix of curated and commercial events turns the whole city into a stage for a wide array of design. The aim is to make design accessible to a wide audience while also catering to the specialist scene we grew out of. 
Events, exhibitions and guided tours offer both entry-level access and in depth reflection. Also almost all activities and events on the festival’s program are free and offer an interactive approach.
Product, furniture, industrial, graphic and social design as well as architecture are all featured at VIENNA DESIGN WEEK with a guest country and a focus district in Vienna creating red threads through the festival. In addition to curated formats like Passionswege, Debüt and Stadtarbeit the Program Partners and their independently organised events are a vital part of the festival program.


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