«Politics forge borders,

education and science dismantles them»

The basic principle of III in promoting intellectual development - is intellectual integration.

Intellectual integration is the next step in systematic integration in education. The core competence of III - presenting its own expertise and programs of development in all areas of the formation of the intellectual potential of the individual / company / educational organization. Through the implementation of an integrated service III builds a chain - an integrator of scientific, methodological and organizational principles in intellectual functioning of the required system. Integrator is capable of "turnkey basis activities".


In the innovation economy, a particularly important development of the system is additional vocational training, including advanced training; additional training and education aimed at preventing the growth of unemployment, and the promotion of effective employment.


III Integrator offers a range of services to create an intellectual environment with the use of educational technologies, including the activities of research, consulting and development of solutions in the area of additional vocational training, as well as the introduction of developed solutions tailored to the characteristics and needs of our customers.


III Integrator capable of implementing complex solutions, individual orders and forms of public diplomacy.


Integrator III is self-regulating and connect projects companies - partners and companies customers, the program of education throughout life, develops project networks and most importantly, provides an environment of personal fulfillment.

Fostering international partnerships

22/23 April 2015 was held international training impulse seminar "Methods of treatment and correctional work with children who have  developmental disorders of the central nervous system". The seminar was organized III Institute for intellectual integrations in cooperation with the Slovak and Russian partners of the European Psycho-neuro-educational laboratory EPSYNEL Faculty of Pedagogy Comenius University in Bratislava and the Institute of Economics, Management and Law in Kazan (Russian Federation). The seminar was organized within the framework of the signing of agreements on international cooperation in the field of intelligent integration.


Developers of program on psycho-neuro-pedagogical correction "HAND-BRAIN" arrived in Russia from Slovakia


Univ.Prof. Dr. Vancova A. - Professor, Doctor of pedagogics, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia


PhD. Smolyaninov A. - Practical rehabilitologist, author of the method neurokinetic therapy, Program Manager "HAND-BRAIN» (Comenius University, Slovakia)


The seminar was attended by Russian educators, and special correctional staff, psycho-correction specialists, therapists and psychologists in the field of regenerative medicine and balneology, physical therapists for children, students and teachers of specialized departments, parents, heads of fitness centers and rehabilitation centers and correction for children and adolescents from Republic of Tatarstan.


At an international seminar in Russian was presented the program "HAND-BRAIN", demonstrated in practice neuro-kinesis-therapeutic methods of treatment and correctional work with children with developmental disorders of the central nervous system, presents new publications on the treatment, parents were consulted.


International certification participants conducted experts from III Institute for intellectual integrations.