«Politics forge borders,

education and science dismantles them»

International workshop III

January 15, 2014 at the Vienna State University (Austria) was held the workshop on the life of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II, the psychological love story of Nicholas II and Alice Darshtayner (in Orthodoxy Alexandra Fyodorovna Romanova).


After the report to the library of the Institute of East European History and Slavic Studies of the Vienna State University were transferred unique books and albums of the Romanov dynasty.


Public initiative of the III Institute for intellectual integrations was supported by partner organization Austrian Center of Culture, Education and Science Academy VEGU, colleagues from the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Vienna - Institute Director and Counsellor of the Russian Embassy in Austria, Mrs. Mishukovskaya TS, director of the Institute of Russian language courses Mrs. Shevergina VV, who also transmitted  a unique book editions of Russian history and culture.

Workshop III visited the director of the Vienna State University Archives Mrs. Maria Sayssl, an employee of the Institute of Children's and Young People's Literature, a developer of electronic bibliosistemy European university libraries Dr. Susanna Blyumensberger, known Viennese professor of the Institute of Slavic Studies Dr. Alois Voldan, Director of Multicultural linguistic integration of society Mrs. Alice Baumgartner-Capatu, a representative of the Institute of Bioethics, Mrs. Monica Milleker, PhD Institute of Slavic Studies, Mrs. Iolani Risendzher, students of Sigmund Freud Private University in Vienna and others.


A special interest and discussion at the workshop sparked a topic about pedagogical educational values in the family of the last Russian emperor, special spiritual privileges of the father and mother, the relationship of older and younger children in the family crowned. In reply, Mrs M. Sayssl thanked Russian colleagues for their valuable gift of a book, which will be useful for Austrian students, undergraduates, doctoral students and all those interested in the history of Eastern Europe and Russia. At the end of the scientific meeting of the Austrian and Russian scientists and public figures of the Austrian capital was served with refreshments Russian tea, cakes, jam and Russian Tula gingerbread. The workshop III was held in an atmosphere of a special Russian spirituality and hospitality, which was noted by all Austrian colleagues.

Presentation: Love & tragedy of the Romanov family