«Politics forge borders,

education and science dismantles them»

Fragment of a fairy tale «Celestial Pretzels». Venka Yuneva

    Father’s dream about Sad Clown


... Once upon a time, Irie’s father promised to take her on a journey into his dream.  Her father described a large square where he and Irie would go – a square full of music and sweet aromas coming from the many coffee shops and cafes – the smells of bagels, chocolate, coffee and pretzels filling the air around them.  And in one corner of the square, a movie screen would show a film about a clown named Slava Snowkhow.


Irie looked forward to sharing her father’s dream, but was reluctant to hear more about it.  She wanted to experience the dream for herself – to be an innocent observer, and to not know what happens around each and every corner.  As Irie’s  father started to describe his dream, they entered the dream together.


In the dream, the clown was dressed in yellow, with a red scarf.  The clown’s nose was just like her father’s nose.  Irie did not notice the resemblance, as she was excited by the music and all of the magical colors.

Then the clown started dancing.  The clown danced dreamily – sometimes clumsy, sometimes smoothly.  The clown danced and danced, the colors of his costume and the background whirling about like a kaleidoscope.  The clown would sometimes appear to be happy, and then at other times, appear to be sad.  Each new part of the clown’s dance was more exciting than the last.


But the sadness of the clown upset Irie, because at first she did not understand why a clown would be sad.


Suddenly she understood everything.  The nose of the clown, the sadness, the clumsy way the clown danced at times – this was her father on the movie screen. Her father was the clown!


As Irie realized who the clown was, other clowns joined in the movie on the screen in the corner of the beautiful square.  First one, then two, then another and another….


Clowns of all shapes and sizes, dressed in green coats with big ears that were brown.  Who could not be happy watching all of these clowns, thought Irie.  All of them happy in their dancing, singing and throwing their arms open to life.


Irie wished she could be a clown, and begged her father. “Please, please, dear father. May I be a clown with you in your dream?” And as soon as she spoke the words it happened.  She was not only in her father’s dream, but also dancing as a clown beside her father.


The boy with the big eyelashes appeared on the scene and danced with the other clowns. Irie, her father and all of the clowns dancing and laughing, when her father said to her, “My sweet, little pal.  Irie, wake up.  It is time to go home.”


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