«Politics forge borders,

education and science dismantles them»

Cooperation technologies are individual for everyone who aspires to develop and implement projects of intelligence integration.

The main technological form - is the creation of legal friendly, well-intentioned, high-grade, intellectual environment conditions.

All programs of III Institute for intellectual integrations are orientated around the implementation of intellectual resources and coordinationof intellectual interaction with each other.

Evidence of promises, targets and performance indicators of III:

  • Number of implemented major programs and projects throughout the year, the number of participants in existing programs;

  • Number of implemented educational, cultural, scientific, experimental and diagnostic activities throughout the year;

  • the number of publications, conferences and exhibitions; number of units of media content;

  • the number of publications by media staff of the Institute, and attracted authors from the number of clients;

  • the number of employees who have received training in organizations - partners in European organizations with an efficient infrastructure in the direction of cross-border scientific cooperation;

  • the number of additional ongoing activities and programs of public diplomacy at the request of government agencies;

  • compliance to the standard of quality  and content by measures implemented through external examinations;