«Politics forge borders,

education and science dismantles them»

Current offer


Within the framework of the comprehensive International Partnership plan "Educational Innovations of the 21st Century"  the III Institut fuer intellektuelle Integration

/III Institute for Intellectual Integrations/ organizes the


International Workshop /Practical e-learning course/


«Management of International Activities in Education: case studies»


June 26 – July 15, 2017

Vienna (Austria)

         Target group: the staff of the international departments of universities, Directors of Cooperative International Programs of dual diplomas, Professors, students of intercultural communication and international relations programs, researchers in the field of comparative education.

         International certification - 120 academic hours.

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III Institut fuer intellektuelle Integration /III Institute for intellectual Integrations/

in collaboration with partners will hold the project

International seasonal school for designers

of architectural environment


«Design of urban architectural environment»


February 6 - February 12, 2017 / July 10 - July 16, 2017

Vienna Bratislava Graz Salzburg

         Target group: deans, assistant deans, and university lecturers, students in specialties of architecture and design of architectural environment, students requiring refreshing courses in the field of architecture and urban design, and everyone interested in improving their individual quality of life.

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III Institut fuer intellektuelle Integration /III Institute for intellectual integranions/

is implementing an International innovation project


3 – 9 April 2017

Vienna, Austria

Professional development

in the international internship seminar format

for directors and employees of scientific libraries

 of classical and innovative universities

120 academic hours


«Scientific libraries from the perspective

of national and international development strategies

of universities»


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